The Intangible Investor

Profiting from Intellectual Property:
Companies’ Most Elusive Assets
By Bruce Berman, with a foreword by Gene Quinn

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Paperback: 284 pages
Electronic: Kindle
Publisher: CloseUp Media (March 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615952356
ISBN-13: 978-0615952352
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The Intangible Investor is a new book that provides a revealing look at the ways businesses generate returns on inventions and new ideas, and how investors can profit. It explores the controversies surrounding patents and other IP rights, including “trolls,” and the companies, large and small, that rely on inventions and improvements to succeed.

The Intangible Investor goes to the heart of what constitutes the innovation economy: ideas, performance and utilizing intellectual property rights to generate value.

Bruce Berman's fifth book provides businesses, investors and general audiences (1) a basis for understanding how IP can generate hidden value, (2) a foundation for what is meant by patent quality, and who, in fact, are the IP systems’ bad actors, and (3) a context to discern IP developments of the recent past in the hope of providing a clearer vision of the future.

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Foreword – Gene Quinn

Who owns IP?
Watching the overseers
The double standard

Prickly Profits
Money grows on decision trees
When winning can mean losing
Model behaviour
Illegitimate assertions?

Buy low, sell higher
No more name-calling, please
Patent rights… and wrongs
From the brink to the bank
Dangerous conceits
Little guys like him

An American original
Skin deep
Patents don’t kill innovation, people do
Like death and taxes
Kicking and screaming?
Dumb and dumber

From the ridiculous to the sublime
Friendly persuasion
Talking monkeys
IP bonds 2.0
Performance anxiety

Flatter and faster
Restless natives
Jungle logic
Measures of success
The CEO challenge


Over looked and understated
Yours, mine, ours
Don’t worry, be happy…
Message in a bottle
More disclosure, less exposure
Penny wise, patent foolish

A curious journey
What goes around comes around
Great expectations
Measures of success, too
Measures of success, III

Agent Provocateur
Bloggers 1, business press 0
An image is worth 10,000 words
Cash: patents’ once and future king?
Model behaviour, redux
0 to 50 in 8.5 years

Build, license, buy or steal
The imperfect storm
If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway
Late to the race, not the victory
Patent wins are overlooked and under-reported
He’s no Robin Hood

The need to lead: IBM under the microscope
Public IP Companies- a business model whose time has come
Silicon Valley: too big to fail, or too big not to?
Patent System’s bad actors are not confined to trolls
DC Watchdog gets serious about foreign theft of US IP
Explain thyself
Microsoft: bold IP moves provide intriguing results

War between 3D printing and IP rights is not inevitable

About the Author

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Book Review

From the Back Cover

“Bruce Berman has been at the cutting edge of the IP discussion more than twenty years. From ‘patent trolls,’ to monetization, to international piracy, he pulls back the curtain to expose and explain what is really going on. ‘The Intangible Investor’ is a valuable resource for anyone operating in the business world today.”

Q. Todd Dickinson, Executive Director, American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
and former Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

“Bruce Berman embodies the rare combination of deep understanding of four related but separate disciplines: patenting, licensing, technology and finance. For many years he has been a leading voice for balance in the country’s vital patent system, and, unlike the many special interest pleaders and their highly paid lobbyists presently assailing Capitol Hill, he remained consistent and saw the system as an integrated whole, helping everyone.

In this collection, the reader is shown just how, if properly maintained, investment and the other parts of the overall system work together to benefit American technological leadership, global competitiveness, and economic growth, as well as healthier lifestyles for all.”

Hon. Paul R. Michel, Chief Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, 2004-2010

“Bruce has the ability to write about intellectual property, especially patents, as business assets, clearly, without the typical legal jargon. I’ve been reading his columns for many years and can recommend this book to all business leaders who want to truly understand the strategic value of IP rights as a business tool.”

Ruud Peters, Chief Intellectual Property Officer and Executive Vice President, Royal Philips

“Bruce Berman’s ‘The Intangible Investor” is a decade-plus excursion through the development of intellectual property changes and challenges. It will lead some down unseen paths and others across darkly familiar terrain. Berman’s perspective is often fresh, always informed and frequently candid. This readable book provides essential intelligence for anyone interested in or affected by innovation.”

Marshall Phelps, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for IP and Licensing, Microsoft 2002-2010 former Vice President and head of IP Business and Strategy, IBM.

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About the Author

Bruce Berman is a business strategist, author and editor focused on the use and impact of intellectual property. In addition to The Intangible Investor he is responsible for the critically acclaimed From Ideas to Assets and three other books on innovation rights and business. Bruce heads Brody Berman Associates in New York, a communications management firm that helps patent and other IP holders to improve understanding and generate higher returns.

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